Listcrawler Jacksonville

Listcrawler Jacksonville

Since Jacksonville seemed to be a problem for hookup seekers in 2019 and partially in 2020, experts on sex tourism decided to make a list of safety tips for beginners visiting this year.

1.  Book in good districts. Stay away from the stinky St. John’s River and from the areas where paper mills and nuclear reactor are situated. Greenland and Greenfield are safe.

2.  Get prepared to the traffic. It can be worse in Jacksonville than even in bigger cities. Count that when planning your Listcrawler hookups and best nightlife routes there.

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3.  Fine food matters. Attend the best restaurants with the strict face control, and you’ll be safe in Jacksonville. Try its Banana Curry, Brussel Sprouts Taco, Beast Burger, etc.

4.  Choose high quality. This city is all about interracial hookups. But one should be careful with short tempered personals and select more refined ones, highly educated ones.

5.  Beach time is ok. Jacksonville survives on its touristic business as well, so beaches are kept in a normal condition. Just enjoy them with hot chicks and do not get worried. 

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